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Animal Behavior Clinics of Alabama

Animal Behavior Clinics of Alabama

If your pet or pets are behaving in a way that you cannot tolerate, please consider the following:

1)       Talk to your veterinarian about the problem and let them determine that the pet does not have any physical problem.

2)       And if there is no physical problem causing the situation, please call Animal Behavior Clinics of Alabama.

The facts about animal behavior

Many people have problems with their pets. In fact, behavior problems probably account for more deaths (due to euthanasia or abandonment at pounds and shelters) among dogs and cats than any other cause. Some of the most common problems involve aggression or inappropriate urination and defecation. More exotic problems, such as compulsive behaviors, anxieties, and phobias, are more common than most think.  



Many owners think that if they ignore the problem or problems that they will go away on their own.  This is usually not the case.  In many instances it will become worse.

Many think that obedience training will solve the problem. In cases where the issue is one of control of the pet by the owner, that is often true. This is not the usual behavior problem case, however. Please note that Dr. Myers recommends obedience training for all dog owners, but not usually as a treatment.

Many behavior problems can be fixed, but work will be involved.  THERE IS NO MIRACLE CURE!  But there are behavioral procedures and medications that can usually improve the situation.

Dr. Myers clinic in Birmingham is Animal Behavior Clinics. He does work in Auburn. Call his office to schedule an appointment at (205) 422-6727.