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Boarding Facilities


Small and medium size boarders comfortable in their accomodations


A fun mural is painted on the walls of our cat room to entertain our feline boarders


We offer a separate cat room for our feline boarders away from the barking dogs!

Read what some of our clients have to say about our boarding!

"I have boarded my pets at Countryside Veterinary Clinic and was very satisfied with the care and treatment of my pets.  Having a doctor on staff makes me feel better about leaving my pets.  I believe that my pets are treated well while there, and the staff and doctor are excellent.  I would certainly recommend Countryside to anyone." -Pamela Skinner

"I truly mean this with all my heart, when I board my pets I feel that they are very well taken care of at Countryside Veterinary Clinic.  I am confident when I leave them that they will be taken care of in an excellent manner.  The staff and doctor have always been friendly, and I feel comfortable knowing that my pets are in their care.  I checked out the runs where my dog would be staying and was satisfied that it was large enough for him to be in.  That was a big concern for me.  I would definitely recommend Countryside to any of my friends and family." -Tamara and Terry Tilley

"I have two cats that I board at Countryside.  The staff is friendly and treat me nice and my cats like them.  I am confortable leaving them there and I feel like they are very well cared for.  They have their own cat room to stay in and that is good.  I like that there is a doctor on staff because I feel like if something were to happen she would be there to take care of them.  I have recommended Countryside to my friends and I will continue to do so." -Lisa Duncan

"Boarding my dog, Taco, at Countryside makes me more comfortable when I have to leave him.  I love my dog and feel that the staff and doctor take good care of him while he is there.  Everyone has been very nice to me, and they treat Taco great.  When I pick him up after he has been there for a few days, he wags his tail and is so happy to see me, but I know he was happy at Countryside too.  I would have no problem recommending Countryside to anyone, friends and family alike." -Terry Tate

"I board my dog, Hannah, at Countryside and am very happy doing so.  She is treated very well and the staff and the doctor are nice to her and she seems to like it there.  If I were rating the qualities of Countryside, I would give it a "10" all around.  I will certainly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a doctor or a boarding facility." -Hines Hall